🩷 Need More love to Flutter Web

🩷 Need More love to Flutter Web

Flutter is the emerging technology that developers are increasingly turning to when creating mobile applications. but as evident in the more recent market. Developers can now improve the website using the same code by using a new feature added to Flutter Web.
Since I have been developing applications for the past 4 years, I have developed a strong interest in mobile applications. I began my adventure with Java, moved on to Kotlin, and have recently been following the lead of Flutter Development. Flutter has been quite beneficial and motivational for me, inspiring me to pursue both Android and iOS development.
Flutter demonstrated to me how a simple application could be created with little expertise, less time, and greater output.
I've been using this framework for more than a year at this point. It gave me hope that I could learn more from it.
I've been experimenting with Flutter Web lately, and the results have been mixed. It excels at what it does, but more care is still needed to maximize the potential it has generated within mobile development. Flutter Web performs well on the web and the hosting aspect is also very simple and quick. The developer community can follow the very promising route that Flutter Web has demonstrated.
These are a few of the web applications using the Flutter framework that I have been working on and are still under development.

Event Anything

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Personal Portfolio

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Working on Flutter Web has seriously hindered the website's responsiveness, and neither a plugin nor a package appears to have a workable solution. Some of the essential plugins, like Listview and Gridview, require greater compatibility rather than relying on math to be responsive.
Although certain packages have been seen to be constructed, they are not yet stable enough to work with.
Flutter Web can shine more like it has in the mobile zones if the devs can work on this and show a little more affection.